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Who are we?

Besspol is a family company, since 1990, continuously supplying the Polish market with granules of thermoplastic plastics and auxiliary agents for their processing. We successfully comprehensively supply both small and large enterprises.

We specialize in providing finished products dedicated to plastics processing technologies (extrusion and injection) in the form of granules and their mixtures (compounds) based on such polymers as ABS, PA6, PA6.6, PBT, PC, PET, PP.

We know everything about plastics!

We offer plastics and concentrates of renowned brands in a wide range of colors. The scope of our services also includes technical advice on the appropriate selection of material for the target application and operating conditions as well as processing technology.

BESSPOL is a company that has been distributing plastic granulates and processing aids on the Polish market for over 30 years. Striving to expand the product portfolio, the company established cooperation with a leading Turkish compounder, TISAN, which offers a wide range of modified structural thermoplastics.

TISAN Engineering Plastics is a company with over 45 years of experience, which specializes in the production of thermoplastic plastic compounds (mainly based on PA6, PA6.6 polyamides, PC polycarbonates, and PET and PBT polyesters) used as raw materials for production in many industries with using all types of processing technologies (including injection and extrusion). TISAN manufactures and offers competitive and advantageous products and solutions for customers based on their requirements. Providing optimal solutions in terms of application and use, qualified products of appropriate quality, production flexibility, speed of service combined with a strong technical infrastructure and human resources, both in the case of standard and exclusive products for all markets, are the main determinants of the Turkish Partner’s activity BESSPOL.

TISAN’s Engineering Plastics Compounds

The most important group of compounds offered in a wide range of plastics are materials produced by TISAN Engineering Plastics. The company offers a wide range of modifications using mineral fillers and fibers (including glass fibers, glass beads, carbon fibers, aramid fibers) with varying degrees of their content, as well as in a wide range of their combinations (hybrid modifications). Materials with modified tribological (sliding) properties, reduced coefficient of friction and improved anti-wear properties are also available, containing PTFE and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). In addition, it is possible to use thermal stabilizers, lubricants and mold release agents, antistatics, and all kinds of process modifiers that can be used in unreinforced and reinforced grades to change (improve) specific material properties.


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