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Olebond is a trademark of Tisan Engineering Plastics for product groups includes maleic anhydride (MAH) grafted polymers. Base polymer is grafted with maleic anhydride by reactive extrusion process.

Olebond improves the performance of different polymers by combining them together. Olebond is solutions for your products with different base polymers and needed grafted MAH level.

Tisan Engineering Plastics welcomes you to discuss for your special needs and improvements. Olebond is designed for our customers requirements.


  • Compatibilizer (bonds two or more different polymers with each other)
  • Coupling Agent (increase the compatibility of polymers with mineral, fillers and glass fibers)
  • Increases the impact resistivity of the material
  • Adhesive Agent (bonds the polymers to the metals such as aluminium)

MAH Compounds (type of polymer matrix)

ABS based

EVA based

PE based

PP based

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