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Polyamide compounds are the most widely used engineering thermoplastics in different markets due to their excellent strength and durability properties. Tisan Engineering Plastics has leading expertise in engineering plastics made from polyamides. We research, develop, produce and commercialize wide range of polyamide compounds for different markets under Tislamid®.

Tislamid® is product line of polyamides with standard and customized formulations for our customer’s requirements. The custom formulations of polyamides are designed by our engineers by selecting material according to the relation between application, cost and performance. The wide range of Tislamid® products and their extended properties from toughness to heat resistance help our customers to choose the right product for their specific applications.

Tislamid® grades can be provided fully colored in customized colors with narrow color specifications colorability even in light colors.

Modification of polyamides by compounding produces a substantial change in the properties of the base material. Combining with different fillers, reinforcements and modifiers during compounding has proved to be a highly successful development in the properties of polyamides. It results in valuable material properties like extreme rigidity and stiffness, high dimensional stability and minimal warpage.


  • High stiffness, strength and temperature resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance and toughness at low and high temperatures
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High wear and fatigue resistance even at high temperatures
  • Good electrical properties
  • Easy process ability
  • Łów smoke density and toxicity for halogen free (HF) flame retardant grades

PA66 Compounds

Mineral Fillers (MF)

Glass Fiber Reinforced (GF)

Glass Beads (GB)

Carbon Fibers (CF)

Flame Retardants (FR)

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